The world’s only hope is in a prophecy hardly anyone believes in anymore.

Long ago, Chashak and his demonic kin led the peoples of the Five Races astray, placing them on the path of war and destruction. Onúl, the One God, took pity on his creation and banished evil from the sphere of the world for a season. Millennia have passed and Chashak has returned, though the world seems unaware and ill-prepared.

Tenna and Tander live peaceful lives far from one another, until destiny and tragedy draws them together. One of them is ready for adventure while the other feels like they’re little more than extraneous baggage. Neither of them is prepared for what’s to come.

Befriended by dragons, guided by a legend, and protected by new friends, they embark on a journey to recover the only weapons capable of standing against the Deceiver—the seven Swords of Xigara.

THE FOUNDLINGS is the beginning chapter in the epic Swords of Xigara trilogy—a coming-of-age story full of peril, intrigue, and discovery. If you’re a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, or David Eddings, you’ll enjoy following these adventurers as they strive against impossible odds to save their world—a world that may not want to be saved.